Gisèle Fredette - Press Release


TORONTO, ON, February 15, 2001 — Gisèle Fredette, accomplished singer, composer and songwriter is releasing her first CD entitled, ONE VOICE, UNE VOIX, UNA VOZ . The CD production showcases the versatility of this extremely talented performer. Gisèle is proficient in singing and speaking several languages. Her unique blend of English, French, and Spanish songs merge various styles of music such as classical, popular, musical theatre and Latin rhythms. With over 20 years of musical experience, Gisèle has decided to combine all her acquired talents into a rare and exciting production by performing her own original compositions. Manitoba born Gisèle Fredette’s reputation goes beyond her musical proficiency. This perfectly bilingual actor, singer and dancer, radiates a compelling mix of sheer class and French fire. Her work moves effortlessly from one musical style to another. Having performed in the title roles of numerous operas such as Carmen, Gisèle’s experience in the classics is extensive. Her first love is the stage, which comes in many forms—opera, musical theatre, pop and jazz.

The CD is now available and should prove extremely popular among all age groups, with its special mix of musical styles. Many well known artists, such as Mark DuBois, Rik Emmett, David Norris-Elye, Johannes Lindstead, Aidan Mason and Anne Lindsay have given support and are also featured on the CD. The CD will not be available in record stores until March 2001, but a limited quantity will be sold on the Internet. Simply log onto Gisèle’s website: to obtain information on how to purchase an advance copy.

With such a busy schedule, it is rare for an artist of Gisèle’s stature and musical talents, to find the time and energy required in producing such an outstanding mix of songs. Fans and friends have encouraged Gisèle for years to record her own CD and are in for a long awaited treat.